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Surprise Attack Against Adgeroth City

Creation date: 2000 Image size: 2560x1920 File size: 3.58 MB
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Description: Adgeroth City is a medieval fantasy city built in a way that any conventional attack against it is doomed to fail: the particular land offered the opportunity to build small villages on very tall buttes, and the main castle is positioned way high above everything else. It reminds a little the Berk topology from the more recent film “How to Train Your Dragon”. The inhabitants of Adgeroth have created some fantastic machineries and amazing bridges to be able to manage the whole city, and they quit it or go home using the sea with ships. Unfortunately for them, a very powerful sorcerer summoned an opening spell in a magical door, well hidden in a near forest, and this sorcerer possesses the ability to cast teleport spells on humans or creatures. You can even see an army through the magical door, making its way to the city… Is it the end of the beautiful Adgeroth City?
Surprise Attack Against Adgeroth City (2560x1920)
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