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Early 2000s wallpapers

3D Passion’s low resolution

These artworks are the first ones I made on a computer (excepted when using POV-Ray under DOS and script files, however it starts to be very far in the past…), and I published them on the Internet before the release of 3D Passion V2, the first commercial website. A personal website was the medium to show them off. People liked it, as I had comments from them, so it sparked me the idea to start a website around my passion! Read more…

AfternoonDownload full size:
Afternoon (1024x768)
Before On MarsDownload full size:
Before On Mars (1280x960)
Blue Solar SystemDownload full size:
Blue Solar System (1280x960)
CometeDownload full size:
Comete (1024x768)
Desert PlanetDownload full size:
Desert Planet (1024x768)
Desert Planet remastered version 1Download full size:
Desert Planet remastered version 1 (1024x768)
Desert Planet remastered version 2Download full size:
Desert Planet remastered version 2 (1024x768)
Divine InterventionDownload full size:
Divine Intervention (1152x864)
Dream LakeDownload full size:
Dream Lake (1024x768)
EvolutionDownload full size:
Evolution (1024x768)
Futur RainDownload full size:
Futur Rain (1024x768)
GravityDownload full size:
Gravity (1024x768)
InterieurDownload full size:
Interieur (1024x768)
LampeDownload full size:
Lampe (1024x768)
Landing On Another WorldDownload full size:
Landing On Another World (1280x960)
MechwarriorDownload full size:
Mechwarrior (800x600)
Mystical AttractionDownload full size:
Mystical Attraction (1024x768)
Nearly EruptionDownload full size:
Nearly Eruption (1024x768)
NebuleuseDownload full size:
Nebuleuse (1024x768)
PaysageDownload full size:
Paysage (1024x768)
PossessionDownload full size:
Possession (1024x768)
PulsarDownload full size:
Pulsar (1024x768)
Redrock PlanetDownload full size:
Redrock Planet (1280x960)
Six oclockDownload full size:
Six oclock (1024x768)
Star WarsDownload full size:
Star Wars (800x600)
Sunset1Download full size:
Sunset1 (1024x768)
Sunset2Download full size:
Sunset2 (1024x768)
Sunset3Download full size:
Sunset3 (1024x768)
The Twins VolcanosDownload full size:
The Twins Volcanos (1280x960)

More information

I crafted these artworks using an old version of 3ds Max and Photoshop, and I also used the Terragen beta version that had incredible results at that time. I also used the POV-Ray renderer for some scenes. The hardware I used was a Pentium III and Pentium IV with a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 to render the scenes.

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