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My drawings

From pencil to computer

This one is a special case I wanted to expose. After realizing this drawing in 1997, I created it back in 3D using computer graphics a few years later (2002), using only 3DS Max. I thought it was worth showing its transformation in the digital realm. It was quite a challenge for me in term of 3D modeling, because I was not quite good in that field! You can also view all my other paper drawings.

Malefic Treasure drawing (1997)

A scan of “Malefic Treasure” drawing
One of my drawings I made in 1997. It’s a warrior discovering a malefic treasure.

Malefic Treasure CGI (2002)

The “Malefic Treasure” wallpaper (downsized)
The CGI version I realized a few years later, made as a high-resolution wallpaper.
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