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A photo of Cedric Amadei A photo of Cedric Amadei and his wife A photo of Cedric Amadei and his wife

Hi all, I’m Cedric Amadei from France, Marseille! I am the creator, webmaster, and content creator for, which is one of my websites from my venture on the Internet. I created 3D Passion because I was fascinated by arts in general and computing and because I had seen the commercial potential of the Internet in the late 1990s… So I had chosen to launch myself in this cyber-adventure by using this medium to expose my 3D creations with! This website is the very first one I started back in the late 1990s, and it had several shapes across the years, this current one you see being (unfortunately for me…) not the last one! My portofolio consists of 7 websites currently in operation, including

A photo of the Vieux-Port of Marseille
A photo of Marseille, my city of birth and current hometown.

3D Passion had its success back in the early 2000s, Google ranking its images being first and the only ones for months across millions of results. Also, the pioneer in digital wallpapers commercialization, Ryan Bliss from Digital Blasphemy, who is still the only one who survived the invasion of social media up to this year, one day came visiting my website members’ area to give me solid, real advice on how to improve my arts to improve myself and my venture. Having been contacted by Ryan Bliss and exchanging about the business was like a real achievement because it’s him who I analyzed before launching my business, and it’s him who was the reference on the net (and is still). His 3D wallpapers were displayed on computer displays in every worldwide computer shop back in the days, proving its success in its venture. That day after exchanging with Ryan I realized I had it just right!

A Google search screen capture
When Google was showing only the 3D Passion images on top of the first page in 2005!
Screenshot of Digital Blasphemy website
Digital Blasphemy website. The owner, Ryan Bliss came visiting my members’ area in 2004 to give me advice.

Besides 3D Passion, I have a lot of hobbies and passions! I am a strong and passionate individual, having faced very hard adventures in life including life-threatening health problems, but I had battled all of that because I love too much life! I am a happy individual, curious about everything, and wanting to explore up to the core anything that has an interest in life. My main passions and hobbies are arts, digital arts, computing, programming, networks and in particular the Internet, video games, photography, racing as a sport, cars, sports, traveling, literature and novels, all kind of music, playing instruments especially guitars, and just enjoying nature as it is as well as exploring the world! Oh and I am forgetting, I love eating good hamburgers, now that is a hobby! ;-)

So thank you for reading, and do not hesitate to contact me at for any needs you may have!
You can view my my LinkedIn profile for more information.

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