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An opportunity for artists

Build and measure popularity, view how people are using your images, and make money!

Sharing common values

Do you invest time and express your creativity by crafting great digital arts and want to make your creations known? Or maybe that you are a professional digital artist?

3D Passion shares a passion for digital arts with other artists. The website started before the 2000s as a mix between a personal art page and user galleries. It then evolved as a half 3D community site, where users were exposing their artworks, entering contests, sharing 3D models, reading 3D tutorials, and exchanging on forums, while I was selling my images as wallpapers to the mainstream visitors. Then, it finally became a full commercial site selling my artworks to personal users and professionals in the early 2000s.

I know what it takes to produce good and quality digital arts. An artist who wants to master and evolve his/her creations must not only work hard on the expression of the art but also must face the deep learning of the constant technological evolution of the tools used. And this aspect is not always recognized to its full extent or exposed in a meaningful way.

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An online platform

3D Passion aims to offer an online space to the digital artists of the world which is sharing their values and will permit them to expose their arts to the general public, through an innovative, fun and simple platform both for the users and the artists.

And that space will also be the space of artists wanting to exchange their ideas while targeting to attract the companies of the sector.

The icing on the cake is that 3D Passion will pay, yes, pay its artists to showcase their artworks on the platform. If the synergies between the website, the general public, and the artists grow, then your revenues will increase.

It is still a work-in-progress, so the details of the platform implementation will not be disclosed to the public until the full release. You can register your email on this page to receive notifications about the project’s main steps and final launch date.

Some key features (completed as things progress):
  • Expose and make your arts known to the general public.
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