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Far In The Universe (remastered version 1)

Creation date: 2001 Image size: 2560x1920 File size: 4.56 MB
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Description: A tiny and strange satellite planet, which has some similarities with our Moon, can be found very far in the universe. This small moon could make ours looks like a walk in the park: its surface is very dangerous, the temperature is about -1000 degrees Fahrenheit and there are huge faults on its surface which goes down directly to its core, which has still some activity. There is no atmosphere, no oxygen, a very high gravity factor, but the view is really amazing! If you trek on it as long as needed, you may find some crystals, remainings of rocks combustions, when there was still an atmosphere. One of the planets the least appropriate to life in the Universe. This is a remastered version of the original source image.
Far In The Universe (2560x1920)
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