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A Particular Encounter 2

Creation date: 2002 Image size: 3000x2250 File size: 4.79 MB
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Description: Following the initial scene from A Particular Encounter, this following scene is taking place nearly at the same moment than the particular encounter with an alien spaceship of our lone highway car driver. Here a group of friends is spending time in the forest during this particular summer night, all around a campfire, girls and boys were enjoying their time… and all of a sudden, two incredible, unknown alien spaceships brutally appear in the dark sky, crossing the whole landscape in a few seconds, with no sound emitted, but a massive blinding light could be seen all around them. The group of friends was just in shock and amazed, pointing their fingers at what was just happening… but one of them just witnessed something way more frightening: in the near forest, an alien, nearly invisible, was just standing up still next to them. Are they already there?
A Particular Encounter 2 (3000x2250)
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