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3D Passion Tribute

Creation date: 2020 Image size: 2000x1500 File size: 2.7 MB
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Description: This image is compiling several images from the 3D Passion artworks. It is some sort of an image concept: first, the Earth is at the center, which means the anchor to the real, and all around there are fantastical scenes, subtly linked to the Earth, showing that from the real, imagination can happen and produce outer worlds. This imagination from outwards the Earth is a symbolism for the human race and its march towards Evolution, which is guided by thinkers, and what most symbolic than space exploration? On a second plan, we have the march towards the infinite space. If you look from the bottom to the top of the image, you will notice alien worlds seen from the surface (planetscapes), on the middle level, alien worlds that are in-between planets and space, worlds which have no atmosphere and have a clear view on space itself (like our Moon), and then at the top and last level, the Universe itself with its corollary, the space exploration, symbolized by alien and human spacecraft. This is also a symbolism of Evolution. And the last symbolism is shown by the two spaceships at the top right of the image: it looks like they are taking off from the Earth, again, the Evolution symbolism. On three plans, three levels, and nine images. Hope you like it!
3D Passion Tribute (2000x1500)
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