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After 13 years of existence, 3D-Passion.com (@wayback), launched back during the old Internet of the 2000's era and which attracted nearly 4 million unique visitors, has ceased to exist. I would like to thanks all the customers (more than 6,000) that had confidence in my small website and purchased memberships to get desktop wallpapers that I made back more than a decade ago.

It was a particular period with Internet starting to get traction amongst users, with webmaster link exchanges (which was important to users to discover content), and I would like to thanks the people I 'met' during this period which includes Ryan Bliss from Digital Blasphemy, Ryan Peters, owner of DecalGirl, Jeff Quick from Moodflow, Mike Bonnell, Eric Knight Holbrook and lots of others. That was a fun period! The actual Internet is no longer the same as it was when 3D-Passion.com launched, but everything we know always changes, don't you think?

I would like also to thanks Google which often favored 3D-Passion.com within its field.

Long live the Internet!

All the best. :-)
Cedric Amadei (connect@magiknet.fr)

PS: I didn't stop to create entertainment websites, so if you wish you can take a visit to w4mobi.com!

As a repository and a wish to create an anchor to the past, here are links to the sources of some of the artworks that were made between 1998 and 2002 with very old hardware / processing power and very old software. These artworks were licensed to various professionals, as console skins at DecalGirl, in a video game, as concert tickets, as banners for special events, in book illustrations, on mobile graphics at Oxigen Infovision (India) and Nitro SP (Poland) plus a few others… Enjoy!

Derivative products

Nintendo Power magazine scan
Decalgirl various devices skins with 3D-Passion artworksDecalGirl skins with 3D-Passion artwork on Nintendo Power magazine (published by Nintendo)
Cosmic Bug
Cosmic Bug old video game with 3D-Passion artworks
Vertigo CD Cover
Vertigo CD Cover with Micromega artwork

4K wallpapers from 1990's to early 2000's arts

Home (3450x2587)
A Path Towards The Stars
A Path Towards The Stars (3000x2250)
Near To The Colision
Near To The Colision (3000x2250)
Surprise Attack Against Adgeroth City
Surprise Attack Against Adgeroth City (2560x1920)
The Earth
The Earth (4000x3000)
Micromega (3000x2250)
Alien Sea
Alien Sea (4000x2667)
Micromega II
Micromega II (3000x2250)
Meteore (2560x1920)
Lemony Planet
Lemony Planet (2560x1920)
Far In The Universe
Far In The Universe (2560x1920)
The Lost Sword
The Lost Sword (2560x1920)
Landing On Geonos
Landing On Geonos (4000x3000)
Lyridus Surface
Lyridus Surface (4000x3000)
Near A Star
Near A Star (3450x2587)
Prisoner Of The Cube
Prisoner Of The Cube (3000x2250)
Flight Over Geonos
Flight Over Geonos (3000x2250)
Magellan System
Magellan System (3000x2250)
Inside A Synapse
Inside A Synapse (3000x2250)
Valley Of Stars And Suns
Valley Of Stars And Suns (2560x1920)
Rebirth Of The Nymphes
Rebirth Of The Nymphes (2560x1920)

3D-Passion.com over the years…

3D-Passion logo (1998-2001)
1998-2001: Personal website with personal and users' artworks, guestbook, webrings…
3D-Passion logo (2002-2003)
2002-2003: 3D Community website with sales of personal artworks memberships & derivated products, 3D resources, 3D models, user galleries, 3D tutorials…
3D-Passion logo (2004-2015)
2004-2015: Full commercial website with memberships products featuring 3D wallpapers & 3D screensavers, high-resolution images store, commercial license sales, discounts with software partners…

Old Fans

To my surprise, 3D Passion continues to have some sort of backstage life… Here are some messages I got from my old fans, after visiting recently 3D Passion. Many thanks to them for their interest in 3D-Passion:

(2017/03/27) Greetings Mr. Amadei:

My name is A. B. and I'm a big fan of your job. I first knew about you from a Screensaver called Destruction SS which featured your 3D renderings of space. I felt in love with sience then with space and I wanted to thank you for filling part of my childhood with your amazing art!

I attach an image I recreated from what I could remember I saw from the screensaver. I hope you like it! It is a tribute I made a long time ago in photoshop.

I really hope we could talk some time later, I must say you inspired me in becoming an artist myself, and for that I will always be grateful.

My best wishes.

(2018/12/17) Here is a very old fan, from the 2002’s website (!) who contacts me back sixteen years later, who still knows well inside parts of the old website as he sent me an archive screenshot I had trouble finding back myself! Unfortunately I missed the email, and the address is no longer valid, so if this fan reads me there, sorry I haven’t been able to find what you asked. Here is the message:

[D.T. d…2@gmail.com] Question about your old website archives. Big fan btw.

Hi! I had a question regarding this tutorial on your old archived website, do you still happen to have a copy of it somewhere? I am really interested in that old style of design, so I wanted to ask you if you have it :) Thank you in advance!

2002’s 3D Passion version screenshot of the tutorials page

Thanks for reading!

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